Cape Town Travel Guide – Things to Do, Important Tips, Transportation, And Where to Stay?

Cape Town Travel Guide

Cape Town is one of the popular cities for tourism in South Africa’s southwest coast. It is on the peninsula and tourists love it for the unruined beauty of the town and so many city attractions which can make you travel to this place.

This is a historic town with some of the charming histories that are attracting tourists, and there are hiking trails, beautiful places to eat, café, and a lot more. All these things can make you love it. Even this place has the notorious prison, which was once used to held Nelson Mandela. This place is now a living museum.

Here, you can find so many services like car rental, different ways of transportation, and stunning hotels with impressive amenities to make your tour remarkable. Whether you are traveling with family or friends, Cape Town has several things to take away in the form of memories.

Navigating through the roads of Cape Town is a bit typical because it is based on the old map and constructed into a big city. During your visit, you will find so many impressive things to do, but if you don’t know where to begin, then we can help you.

We made a list of some of the best places to visit along with the things to do, along with the transportation option. If you are not aware of the fact that some of the places are unsafe in South Africa so you must learn the basic things and how to travel safely.

This guide is pouring light on all the essential factors, so let’s get started with what to do and where to begin.



Things to Do –

To come up with the list of some impressive places that can make you feel stunned, we talked to locals and some of the expert guides. This list is based on history, popularity, attractive things, and whatnot. Let’s explore –

  • Table Mountain

You can get a clue from the name that Table Mountain is a beautiful landmark worth visiting once in your life. It is a great place to hike, and there is no one to judge if you prefer a cable car to go on top of this mountain. The mesmerizing view is everything that you may want, and it will give you all the time memory that you will love to recall.

If you have the question of why to visit this place, then we can give a simple answer that the view is spectacular, and the warmed cloud cover is adding beauty to the same. Even, you will find small short circular walking routes that are assisting you to the top of the mountain. Those who love to trek will admire this beauty.

  • Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art

It is already clear from the name that it is an art museum, but the question of why go to this place? Well, this place has the largest collection of great contemporary and beautiful African art. It also features the work and more from all over the place. Thomas Heatherwick designed it, and he outdid himself in this work to convert an abandoned grain into 80 galleries.

One more reason to visit this place is, there are great afro-futurist goggles from Cyrus Kabiru, and there are oil portraits by Kehinde Wiley. Even the first time visiting will find cowhide sculptures that were made by Nandipha Mntambo. It is an absolute art, and everyone admires the real beauty of it.

  • Boulders Beach

You can find a sandy stretch of shoreline at the Cape Peninsula, and it has rocky outcrops along with wild waves. It might seem good to swim place or lounge, but it isn’t. However, you can prefer it for a wonderful coastal walk, and wild African penguins’ colony is the stunning draw here. It will be a beautiful memory to remember.

Still, wondering what more to expect? Well, we mentioned there are penguins, and they are beautiful, funny, notorious, and they waddle also. Watching them playing, swimming, and when they squawk at each other is a fun thing to do. It might be weird to go close due to their smell, and they are in the huge count, but you will love watching them.

  • Kalk Bay

In case you are stunned by everything but want some peace now, then you can head toward the colorful selection of shops and try out seafood to gain more energy. Eating nutritious seafood cooked in a different style with local spices will be finger-licking good. Even, this place has the most excellent café scene to walk by.

Even, it is a comparatively better leisurely place that is enough to spend an afternoon.  You can fit knick-knack and some antiques which will suitcase the style. Kalk Bay Vintage seems like the top-notch place that you must seek out. Local street food is tasty, and you can have fish and chips from some of the tea places. They are offering a great taste for a fraction of the price.

  • Mzoli’s

The meaning of Mzoli’s is a meat feast. It is a restaurant, and it started way back in time as a low-key butcher by a guy named Mzoli Ngcawuzele. He used to sell meat from the garage, and now tourists also flock around the permanent address to get the best quality meat. Meat from the counter, which is grilled and barbecued, seems very tasty and delicious.

Still, wondering more reason to try this place? You can find a great crowd around this place, and you can find DJs and other local bands to entertain the crowd. This can also impress you and try out this place. The beauty in this place is admirable when there are decent crowds and local bands playing songs.

Things to do in Cape

Travel Tips

While heading over to South Africa’s Southwest coast, you will find so many people advising this and that. But, don’t worry because there are so myths floating around, and if you are visiting this place for the very first time, then you can look after some of the important tips. The below mentioned are important factors that you must look after to enjoy –

  • Language is not an issue

If you are worried about the fact that language will be the major issue at this place, then you are wrong. You will find that there is no need to speak African strictly because English is the official language at this place. You will find most of the people understand and speak English. In the case of restaurants and transport agencies, they can understand you.

  • Open Up and Enjoy Company

You can open up with people here and talk about places, things to do, ask a question, and more. People of Cape Town are a bit shy, but they offer a great company. This place is full of tourists every year, so people get used to it, and they can enjoy knowing their perspective. Still, take precautions and don’t go to any destination with someone on force or suggestions.

  • Fraudsters and Robbery

Every place with tourism attraction always has some fraudsters and beggars. Don’t worry about them unless you talk to them and believe in their lie. Try to avoid going to any place with anyone, and you can walk by places with ease. If you have doubts about someone, then head toward the public place. You can keep the paper spray in a bag for safety factors. Robbery isn’t an issue at this place.

  • What to Eat?

You can find so many roadside stalls, or you can check out the local restaurants. They have impressive dishes, and you can easily find non-veg. People who eat veg will find a few dishes, but you can try out most of them. The suggestion is, look after the hygiene part if trying out street food. Places like Kalk Bay have so many food stalls around but try to avoid.

Cape Food

  • No need to Pack Medicines

You can easily find so many pharmacies in Cape town, and they have most of the medicines. If you want to pack any medicine, then get some vital and common medicines. There is no need to worry about the lack of medical care in this country because it is not a big issue at this place. So, you can remove the worry of medicines.

  • Drive Through Places

Car rental is an effective option to transport from one place to another. Get yourself a car and then drive to places. The roads have a little traffic in some places; otherwise, you can enjoy being in this town. The important tip is, you should collect all the papers of the vehicle and have a little go through before getting started. It will prevent you from getting pulled over by police.

Car rental In Cape

Traveling Transport

You can find several ways to transport from one place to another. You can use the below-mentioned options –

  • Bus – Bus agencies and ticket booking agents can guide you if you want to go to any place. Local bus. It might be a little complicated, and a small delay is not a big deal, but if you are heading toward something serious like an airport then you should avoid it.
  • Subways – There is a total of 16 subways in South Africa, and it is connected to cape town also. So, you can prefer this mode of transportation because it is fast, cheap, and easy to head toward any place with ease.
  • Uber – Needless to mention, Uber is one of the favorite choices among tourists, and you can use its app. It also works perfectly in this town, but the only issue is, it seems a bit expensive mode of transportation as compared to the other ones. Even, Uber might seem a bit slow here.
  • Car Rental – There are plenty of car rental companies in Cape Town. You can rent a car because it will be easy to transport from one place to another and it is also effective to visit any place you want to go to. This is an effective and better option in terms of price also. Most of the companies are offering a huge variety of car choices along with the luxury option also. So, you can choose-out the best one as per your specific needs.

These are some of the easy to follow tips that you can take into consideration while transporting from one place to another in Cape Town.

It is hard to find the perfect way to transport until you try out car rental because it is effective and better to prefer. When you are booking a hotel, then you must look after the parking space because it matters a lot if you have a car to park.

One more important tip for the first-time traveler is, you should pack your license alongside the passport. This will help you get a car on rent; otherwise, you are not eligible. Getting a car can help in several manners.

traveling transport in Cape

Where To Stay?

While heading toward Cape Town, you should book a hotel in advance. The price changes from time to time, and if you are booking a hotel one week before the arrival, then you can avail of some impressive deals for sure. We made a list of top places that you can try out –

  • Hollywood Mansion & Spa Camps Bay
  • The Table Bay Hotel Opens in a new window
  • The Capital Mirage Hotel Opens in a new window
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town
  • Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel Opens in new window

These are some popular stay options in Cape Town. The list is based on the beauty of places, design, location, and reviews.

Where To Stay in Cape


While traveling through Cape Town, you must know that all the destination have their own history, and it is worth admiring. You can hire a guide who will assist and let you know more about the beautiful destinations. When on beach Boulders Beach, playing with a penguin is a fun thing to do, and you can try it for sure.

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