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Durban is a metro city of South Africa and known for its special charming tourist places and experience. This particular city is considered as the most populated city. It is situated on the east coast of South Africa. This city is center of the attraction for tourists across the world because of its mind-blowing climate, beautiful beaches and many more things to do.

The city has immense diversity and an enriched culture which makes it even more prominent for the tourism point of view. People have big tolerance and their traditional and cultural values are moderate and mixed.

The culture of Durban is perfectly suitable for the entire year. Enjoy the beach life and have fun with friends and family. There are many activities to do that you will hardly find anywhere else in the entire world. Many grand tourist attractions are there. Spend holidays and make some lifetime memories.

 Things To Do 

The Golden Mile

Durban is a beach city and the first thing that you must try is the golden mile beachfront. The climate of the city is perfectly fine throughout the year to enjoy a beach. This means that tourists can surfer on the waves and create their day more adventurers. People who love to take sunbathe can find this place even more interesting. Many water sports are there to try with your friends or family members. Individuals who love to do walking or jogging can spend quality time there.

uShaka Marine World

UShaka Marine World is perfect to have wonderful views and knowledge about the Marine World. It is a theme part that is spread in the 40-acre. Children will fall in love to see various creatures performing stunts like dolphins. You will get a chance to visit one of the largest aquaria in the world here.

Visitors can have more fun with Scuba diving and many other water sports activities. To make things more charming they conduct shows. People of all age groups have something to enjoy with this show. Penguin presentation, dolphin show, seal show, parade, Zulu dancers are the major shows that one should always see on their respective time.

uShaka Marine World in Durban: Photo by

Hit Durban Botanical Gardens

Dr. Charles Johnston is the founder of this extraordinary botanical garden. It is also known as one of the most prominent places that visitors must-see. It has a reputation and known as the oldest public institution.

One good fact about the place is that it is also counted as the oldest surviving botanical garden of South Africa. From an educational point of view, these places have special importance. The admirable botanical collection is available to see which open the new door of knowledge and bring everyone closer to Mother Nature. Children can learn many new things about plants.

Durban Botanical Gardens: Photo by

 The Beach

Durban is called a coastal city and it has wonderful beach areas to have some great moments. The next thing that makes it perfect is the subtropical climate. Yes, the visitor can have fun with the sunshine during the entire year. This means that tourists can spend a lot of time on the beach area in the Durban. A surfer can explore the new waves and have more quality time in the sea.

You must not forget about the inclusion of the Beach when you are planning a day out in Durban. The next amazing thing that you will find there are volleyball tournaments. Many clubs are there which keep on conducting such a program from time to time. The location of the beach area is nice and it is very easy to travel everywhere from the Beach.

Explore sea life – KwaZulu Natal Sharks Board Boat Tour

As per its name it works for the protection of the sea life especially Sharks. This board is also included in research and development. Individuals can have a boat tour and explore more about their working method and objective to save the local environment and sea life in a very creative way. Start this particular tour early in the morning. Viewers can have knowledgeable views of the safe system and many more. There you will also be getting enough chance to know about the lives of sharks and their behavior. Many other sea creatures are also there too during the tour like turtles, rays, dolphins and many more.

Explore sea life – KwaZulu Natal Sharks Board Boat Tour: Photo by

Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World

It is a multifaceted place where a wide range of services is available. Tourists can use the excellent services of many restaurants, beach bars, semi-private beach, and Suncoast Casino. Tourists can have special enjoyment of recreational cyclists during the September to January period. Casino interior is remarkable to spend some hours trying your luck. For the comfort of the players, both types of areas are provided viz. Smoking and non-smoking.

Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World: Photo by

 Travel Tips

  • Luxurious accommodation options

One should always explore more luxurious places to stay in the Durban. It is not an overcrowded place and this means that tourists have many chances to find the best options. A wide range of hotels and restaurants are available that are easy to afford.

  • Climate

It is perfectly nice and most of the time to have fun at the beach. But it is still good to know about the rainy season in advance and you should carry some extra clothes according to that.

  • Currency

Better you should know the fact that the currency system of South Africa is based on the decimal system where one rand = 100 cents. Notes and coins are equally popular and thus you should carry both in the required quantity.

  • Distance and plan

It is better to explore the journey options to other places. Some tourists also visit other cities of South Africa after visiting the Durban. In that situation, you should know about the distance to other places and plan your journey to have maximum benefits.

  • Electricity voltage

Individuals may need to have a transformer to the user the US system based appliance. This is so because the supply has completely different volts and amperes. Make sure that you use the right sort of transformer before plugging your devices. This will protect you from unwanted situations with your appliances.

Traveling options 

Durban transport
Durban transport: Photo by

Durban has a well-developed transportation system. Tourists can travel via, bus, taxi and many other options. For small and lovely rides there are some registered rickshaw pullers also available. The best thing is that the cost of this transportation is extremely low and one can easily afford to use them for a good experience.

From the airport, visitors should use many car rental services. The good thing about car rental services is to hire them through online applications as well. The car rental services apps can be used using your mobile phone as well. Visitors can book the car rental services in advance and there are many easy options available to make a good comparison among them.

Most of the car rental services provide friendly customer support and they are verified by the customers. It is better to go through the reviews and know about the ground reality of the services before placing an order with them.

Many luxury cars are available in these services and this will be a whole new experience to explore the city in a luxury car. Individuals who love to drive can use the easy to hire car services at a very affordable price and have the freedom to go anywhere in the city.

 Where To Stay

You should be happy about staying in the nice hotels in Durban. This is so because they are available at a quite affordable range. Also, the customer can choose the view of their room and stay in a perfect location to enjoy the vast view of the sea from the window of the room. There is hardly any other tourist destination where you will be getting such superb options to choose the view of the hotel room.

1. The capital Pearls Hotel

  • It is situated near the beach area and has a huge pool and many other activities to offer. Rooms are quite comfortable and excellent transportation services are available in the nearby area of this hotel. It also helps the tourist to offer an online book which is a nice option.
The capital Pearls Hotel: Photo by

2. Royal hotel by Coastland hotels & resort

  • is situated as 267 Anton Lembede Street, 4000 Durban. It is an excellent location to have grand fun. Nearby tourists places and shopping malls are nice for shopping and other tourist activities. It provides excellent room services with magnificent views. The location is not far away from the nearby airport. Book your room in advance through the online booking system of the hotel.
Royal hotel by Coastland hotels & resort: Photo by

3. Hotel cube

  • you love to have breakfast in the morning, this is a perfect place to stay in South Africa. You must try this because of the exclusive interior and excellent hospitality of the hotel staff. The location of this hotel is counted as the most premium from the tourist point of view. Rates are affordable.
Hotel Cube in Durban: Photo by
Hotel Cube in Durban: Photo by


You should start your journey from the beach and water sports. This can make you familiar with the atmosphere and have some relaxation and take a sunbath.

Hotels are available at affordable prices because this is not an overcrowded place. Before investing your money you should always compare your available options. Do it from your phone because cool options are available there to compare.

You should carry some extra clothes and know about the rainy season in advance. This will protect you from unwanted situations and you will be able to have fun. Never miss your journey to the marine world view because this is one of the most excellent of the entire world.

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