Johannesburg Travel Guide

Johannesburg Travel Guide

Johannesburg is the most prominent city in South Africa. It is famous for its city life, skyscraper buildings, stunning nightlife, and immense history. The grand evidence of human development from homo-sapiens to modern civilized humans is available in the museums of Johannesburg.

This city which is in Sout Africa is well developed and acknowledged as the most attractive metropolitan area of South Africa. All sorts of transportation are available which makes it easier to commute from one place to another. Car rentals to cycle riding are accessible for the tourist.

The local and central government of South Africa is quite conscious about tourism. Considering this matter good law and order is maintained with huge infrastructure to attract more tourists to the metropolis of Johannesburg. Good sources of entertainment are there to try for visitors at affordable prices. Several activities are there to do and it is fascinating to spend quality of time during. Holidaymakers can have more fun by staying in decent hotels and enjoy different cousins and restaurants.

This city owns its historical importance because of many world heritage sites. It is likewise excellent for one big personality who influences the entire world. Yes, we are talking about Nelson Mandela who once lived here. The city has a remarkable museum, natural sites, hotels, restaurants and many more things to explore and create wonderful memories in life.



Things To Do

Apartheid Museum

Apartheid Museum is the most significant place to see in Johannesburg city. This has historical collections that everyone can understand easily and learn many things about human civilization. It is also important to understand the fact that how South Africa has developed and has faced vast challenges of discrimination based on race and many more things.

Visitors can get a clear insight into the history of South Africa that how the non-white population was discriminated against. Immense collection of images and many more things are available there to notice. Many unique items, pictures are there which will be invoking your inner conscious and make you more emotionally mature. You will see that how the development of minds is done in South Africa and this has made a history. There is hardly any other place like this in the entire world.

Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City is a world-famous amusement part. Adventitious can have the luxury to try different sorts of rides and many roller coasters. People of every age group can have more fun with something. It is named after the gold mine which is closed but the entire theme of the park is highly influenced by it. This place is the center of attraction for everyone and thus every one prefers to hit this place. To make the journey more interesting, the theme park management keeps conducting several sorts of events. It is quite possible to spend the entire day trying different kinds of rides and roller coasters.

Mandela House

It is a former residence of a world-famous leader who sacrifices his entire life for equal rights to every human being. Yes, this is House of Nelson Mandela who has a distinguish place in history. His house is converted into Nelson Mandela National Museum. It is now known as the National Heritage site for South Africa. Special attractions are the things which were used by him during this lifetime. His simple way of living life and taking part in the struggle is also an interesting thing to notice while visiting this site.  

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre is known as the world-class science center and has its importance. Children have many things to enjoy there. Science and other experiments can bring lots of joy to people of every age group. The parking system is very nice. Visitors can find everything through GPS as well. Anyone can spend quality time here because it has many scientific things to explore. The fun will more when kids go there with their families and find new science experiments to do.

Take a hip hop bus tour of City

Nothing is more fascinating than having a wonderful tour of the entire Johannesburg city. This particular bus ride will give the traveler a nice chance to explore the main places. Anyone can spend one or two days easily without any complication through this mind-blowing hop-on hop-off bus tour. This tour is perfect to have a memorable journey of the city and all principal places will be in your reach. Audio tour commentary is provided which gives good guidance about the city. Start your journey in this way and get a wonderful chance to have a magnificent view of the city.

The Wilds Nature Reserve

The next thing to explore is the wilds Nature reserve. Many interesting things are there to notice. Community and culture is also an important part of the wilds nature reserve. Local people are working the well-established organizations to make this park look more interesting. South Africa is a hub of wildlife and they can be seen in their natural habitats here. Many other wildlife centuries are also building in the nearby area which can be explored to have a vivid experience of wildlife. Explorers can have a chance to see a tiger, cheetah and several other interesting creatures.

Travel Tips

1- Carry a water bottle

It is highly recommended that travelers should use the mineral water bottle and carry enough water. This will not only keep the body hydrated but also protect from unwanted health issues. Good thing is that in the grocery stores it is easily available.

2- Take a guide

Many of the parts of the city are good to see with the guide. Many communities are culture gap can create chaos and it will be hard to understand the things without a proper guide. A guide can make it a more knowledgeable visit and explorers can get the full value for their money.

Guide for Johannesburg

3- Traffic rules & car driving

Tourists should be extra careful while taking a tour of the city via car. Car drivers should not stop in a solitary place. Even there are some places where you will find the DO NOT STOP signboard. It is recommended to follow the traffic rules and not to stop the vehicle where you are not allowed to.

4- Take care of belongings

The next thing is taking care of your goods and luggage. Yes, while you are out from your guest room, lockdown everything properly and keep in safe. During traveling to various places in the city avoid wearing expensive jewelry, ornaments, watches or any other things. Cell phones should also be kept safely inside the worn bag.

5- Avoid public transportation

Travelers should give preference to private transport ways like cars and taxies. There are special tour buses which are highly safe and especially available for the tourists. Local government is putting their heart and soul to make the tourism industry more luxurious and memorable.

public transportaion

Great Travelling options

Many tour buses are available for the tourists. They are a safer, cheaper and luxurious way of transportation. Good thing is that anyone can book them in advance and secure the best seat to watch the city.

Many online services are available which provide an excellent discount and many other additional facilities to their customers. Explore your options online and get the best deal before you start your journey. It will be a outstanding option to opt and in many special tourist buses, an audio guide is also installed which makes the journey more fruitful and knowledgeable.

One more option is available to add more memorable experiences in the journey. Many car rental service providers are available and they can make everything special.

A wide range of cars available and tourists can choose the most suitable option. For example, you can choose the most luxurious car or the most economic one.

The choice of car rental can be different as per your taste and preference. In case you are going there with your family, select the bigger one with more space. Good thing is that every car service has its online presence. Customers can compare the various available options and save.

You may be asked to fulfil like driving license and also you may be asked about the total number of driving experience. You should carry your passport and other documents with you to prove your identity.

Where to stay

Johannesburg is known as the most popular tourist destination in the entire world. There is no end of luxurious hotels and restaurants. The government is also active and has provided cool facilities for tourists. They are making constant efforts to provide good accommodation and other facilities for every tourist. Many options are available and customers can also book rooms in advance through online services.

Johannesburg hotels

Tourists can consider some of the best hotels which are mentioned here


This hotel is perfect for shopping lovers. The great shopping center is located nearby and on top of the above, you can take direct entry to the shopping center. This place is also close to the Apartheid Museum. This means that an excellent journey can be done without wasting even a single moment. Rates of the rooms are affordable and excellent services are provided with luxurious rooms.


The next hotel that you can consider for the perfect accommodation is Hotel Sandton Sun. It comes under the five-star categories and located in a very beautiful location. It is the situation in the center of the city and this means that you can have great views of the entire city and traveling will be easier. Comfortable transportation facilities are available in the nearby area. Delicious dining options are available with state-of-art-room services.


It is located at 135 West Street, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, 2146, Johannesburg. People who love to spend quality of time in the pool can select this five-store hotel because a large pool is available on the rooftop. This means that you can have a great look at the entire city. Rooms are luxurious with all additional facilities like satellite TV-set, WI-Fi, etc. Minibars are also available to spend some good moments. You will be delighted with the excellent services and perfect interior of the hotel.


It is located in the center area of Rivonia & west roads, Sandton, 2000, Johannesburg. Remarkable facilities are provided by the hotel like a fully decorated room with excellent furniture and fixture. The open-air pool is there and customers can try the spa as well. Massotherapy is available on-demand and this can make your stay indeed more luxurious. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner contain more dishes than you can try. The open-air sun deck is there to take pleasure of sumptuous breakfast.

There is nothing more fascinating than having a comfortable room, cuisine, and interior of the hotel. But still, select the best option which can provide you more freedom to enjoy nearby tourist places.


No doubt that Johannesburg is a great destination to spend holidays alone or with your family. You can start having fun by starting your journey in the car and explore the Mandela House. The next thing that you should preferably do is to take a hip hop bus tour of the city. It will make you familiar with the nearby important places.

Staying in a good hotel that you should do the next to have luxurious services, cousins and many more. You can try a good range of food. Car rental services are available and this will give you a complete freedom sense.

Give preference to visit the city with a guide and this will give you the full value of the money with excellent memories. Never skip the gold reef city tour because this is full of fun and provide excellent rides to enjoy that you may hardly find anywhere else. Give preference to mineral water bottles only when you are staying out. It will protect you from unwanted health concerns.

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