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Soweto is one of the renounced townships in Johannesburg and famous for its special tourist attractions. A huge area is covered by this city and the population of the city is around three to four million. Citizens of the Soweto are open to visitors and they offer nice hospitality.

A great history is there to see in the various activities of the local people and society. There is hardly any other city available in the entire which has so much evidence of historical events that one can see here.

Soweto has an enormous past where some students protested the discrimination in education and shot dead. That event also had a breath taking impact on the entire world. It has the privilege to be the house of some of the most famous personalities who won the peace noble prize.

Climatic conditions are perfect for the outing. Both winters and summer seasons have their importance for the tourism point of view. Precipitation happens in the summer season and winters are nice to have huge views of famous places.

Tourists will find interesting places to spend quality time with friends and relatives on holidays. With the enjoyment of historical places, excellent tourist spots are there to have fun. Hotel and restaurants are there to stay and have luxurious services experience at affordable prices.

 Things To Do 

 Things To Do in Soweto

Hector Pieterson Museum & Memorial Site

Soweto is famous for its historical struggle in history against the discrimination system in education. Even some of its students lost their lives. This particular museum is named after a student Hector who lost his life during the historical conflict. Police shot him dead during the student protest of 16 June 1976. Stunning collection of that historical event is present in this museum which includes a wide range of items like:

– Oral testimonies

– Pictures

– Audio and visual displays

– Historical documentation

Visitors can see many evidence of the apartheid struggle and thus they will never forget about this place.

Regina Mundi Roman Catholic Church

The Regina Mundi church is welcoming to the entire visitor and has its tourist importance. Every day many visitors are coming to visit this Church because of its beauty special contributions towards society. Tourists can have the pleasure to visit the garden of the church. This is now converted into a striking park where they can get a chance to see the many more attractions.

Memorial stone by Japanese Christians is the first thing that catches the attention of everyone. One beautiful art gallery is there which the centremost attraction of this place is. You will certainly fall in love to see the beautiful creations. One more thing that you will find there is a historical recording plaque. In this tourist can see the most important parts of the history of the church and Soweto.

Regina Mundi Roman Catholic Church: Photo by

Kliptown Open Air Museum

It is situated at the corner of Klipspruit Valley Road and Union Avenue, Kliptown, Soweto. This place is also popular by one another name Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication. Walter Sisulu was a revolutionary who has its own significance in history for an anti-apartheid moment. Tourist can also experience a wonderful day by exploring photographs and many more items which reveal about the historical events. It also tells about the story of the drafting of the freedom charter in 1955.

Tourist finds it quite interesting to hit this place because of its attached facilities and attractions like shops and restaurants. Apart from that, they can also buy local items from Hawkers’ stalls. Many art galleries are also situated there to watch some masterpieces. It is quite convenient to visit this place because of the nearby tourist information office where visitors can acquire all the necessary information. A good 4-star hotel is situated in the nearby area which offers conference facilities as well.

Kliptown Open Air Museum: Photo by

Apartheid museum

This particular museum was established in the year 2001 and since that huge numbers of visitors come here every year. It contains the most important part of South African History. It has its tale to tell the visitor and amazing facts about history will be presented in front of you in an interesting manner.

Times to time many events are also conducted by this organization which presents the history of the Nobel Prize winner Mandela. There is hardly any other organization in this world where tourists can see the evidences of the apartheid moment. The special architectural design of this building will leave you to mesmerize.

Apartheid Mueseum
Apartheid Mueseum: Photo by

Soweto Bicycle tour

You will come across the vibrant community of South Africa in Soweto. The way to experience every single moment is to hire a bicycle and take a tour to explore the nearby places. It is easy to spend a couple of hours and knows more about the culture, meadowlands and major historical places of the city.

During Bicycle tour tourists can also taste sumptuous burger and local beer. Local beer is made in a very traditional manner and famous as the beer of Shebeen which is very popular. People of all age groups can enjoy this particular tour and have more fun.

Soweto Bicycle tour: Photo by

Visit the Landmark of Soweto, Orlando Towers

This place is quite famous for its beautiful cultural importance. You should never skip this because it is known as one of the most famous landmarks of Soweto. In the nearby area, you will get the chance to do adventurous activities like a bungee jump. People who are always keen to find some exciting things can have unlimited fun with it.                               

Travel Tips

  • Online hotel booking

Many websites and applications are there that offer online hotel booking options. To avoid any unwanted discrepancies, one should book the rooms in the hotel. Wonderful thing is that many options are available at affordable prices. Give preference to the hotel which is located near the airport area. This will save your time which can be spent in exploring the city.

  • Starting tour

The most important attraction of the area is the Hector Pieterson Museum. It is better to start the journey with the deep exploration of this place. It will also give you a chance to connect with the culture and local people. People of every age group can learn something new and interesting about the city and struggle of its people.

  • Exchange

Be well aware of the exchange rate and currency of South Africa. This will help you to pay the right amount without any confusion or chaos. It will give you a good chance to manage your budget and enjoy shopping in the best shopping places. It is highly recommended to carry enough coins and notes to avoid any trouble.

  • Nearby tourist options

South Africa is full of places where tourists can go and visit beautiful places. To have the best experience of touring, it is better to keep exploring the nearby places. There can be more than one place in nearby areas where tourists can go and have more entertainment during their journey.

  • Parking and traffic system

The next thing that needs your attention is the parking and traffic system. Yes, there are different systems that one should know. It is better to take professional help in this context and knowledge about the proper parking and traffic system to avoid any trouble.

 Traveling options

From Johannesburg, there are many transportation systems available for the Soweto. Tourists can take the bus, taxi, car or town car. It is recommended to avoid the public transportation system and take the benefit of special tourist buses which are available with a guide.

Tourist buses are comfortable options when you want to relax on your seat and need a proper guide to explore the major places of the city. These tourist buses offer complete tour packages. Many additional services are included in them and thus it is better to compare the price of such services and select the most lucrative offer.

The next thing that one should consider while traveling to Soweto is car services. Car rental services are available at affordable prices. It is easier to explore the places with your convenience when you are driving. South Africa has traveling rules with a different parking system there. In case of taking the car rental services, one should keep all these things in mind.

  Where To Stay 

Hotel booking in Soweto is available online at affordable rates. This is not an overcrowded tourist place and thus the hotel offers huge discount offers during the year.

  Where To Stay in Soweto

1. WakandaHomeStay In Soweto

It is situated at 894 Metetwa Street House 894, 1869 Soweto, South Africa. It is again a nice location to stay and explore the city. The hotel staff is nice and provides excellent services. You will feel like home the entire place is hygienic. The airport area is also located near to this hotel and tourists can easily reach major tourist spots from this hotel.

WakandaHomeStay in Soweto; Photo by

2. Ramohlola’s GuestHouse

The location of this place is also very nice because major tourist places are not far from it. It has many lucrative services to offer its customers like an excellent garden, free parking area, and nice accommodation.

Ramohlola’s GuestHouse Photo by

 3. Madida’s Bed and Breakfast

It is situated nearly 4.5 km from the center and located in the Gauteng region. The Hector Pieterson memorial and Mandela’s house are located very close to this place. The hotel can offer you lavish breakfast, free private parking, and many other facilities.

Madida: Photo by


No doubt that Hector Pieterson Museum is the utmost important place to start the journey with. The city has a good climate and tourists can also choose to explore its different places on the bicycle. The major tourist palaces offer several options to make a perfect blend of education and entertainment.

Many hotels are situated near the major tourist places in the city. It is better to explore all the facilities and compare them with other available options. Every piece of information about the Soweto Hotel is available online.

Car rental services are comfy options to explore various places. There are many companies available that are offering car rental services without a credit card as well. There is good competition available in the car rental service providers, thus you should compare all of the available options before spending your money.

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