Tulbagh Travel Guide – Things To Do, Travel Tips and Where To Stay?


South Africa’s Western Caves has the most unspoiled beauty with the blend of true old culture and churches. Tulbagh, a town from Witzenberg municipal area near Wolseley, Gouda, Ceres, and Prince Alfred’s Hamlet.

This charming historical town has loads of things for tourists to do with scenic hiking trails, horse riding, sports, places to eat, camping, and more. Travelers can prefer self-catering or prefer luxury services.

From car rental to visit the most beautiful places in Tulbagh, having a pre-knowledge of such places can come in handy. Over the past years, this traveler’s favorite destination is getting intense popularity.

Thousands of people visit on a weekly basis during the holidays. If you are also heading over to Tulbagh and want to know about some of the best places, then this guide will provide you the best details.

In the town of Tulbagh, Europeans arrived in 1658. After that, land grants were made, and there were 14 families with the farming history who get this place. After that, this town was developed around 1743. It was the first time when the church was built at this place.

In 1969, all the homes were restored in 1969 on the church street, which was affected by the earthquake. All the 32 buildings which were restored at that time got declared as the national monuments.

Things to Do

During the first trip, travelers might find it hard to navigate through the roads of Tulbagh and finding the perfect place to sightsee, enjoy, eat, and more. To put an end to all your problems, we are mentioning some of the best places that you can visit for sightseeing. Let’s begin this list with the most popular place

Saronsberg Wine Cellar

Saronsberg Wine Cellar

For all the wine lovers, a visit at Saronsberg Cellar can make you try some new delicious flavor. You can feel wine pouring down to your throat, and you can feel the essence of old wines. It is one of the most popular places where you can try out immense variety and great beverages.

A full stomach and refreshed feeling are necessary to enjoy the best during travel so you can prefer accommodations. All the winery thing is beautiful, but if you don’t want wine, then try out their impressive accommodations. It is an easier suggestion because this place is in the town and you can reach with ease.

Relaxing Spa

On a vacation trip after a long flight, having a good spa can relax your mood and provide you lots of energy to enjoy the rest of the days. Even after the bike trip or horse trails, a relaxing spa is good enough to make you feel better. One hour of full body massage will relax sore muscles.

It is a good treatment because facials to hand and foot massage can comfort your body. A free mind is necessary to enjoy the vacation, and a good massage can drive you well-balanced. Isn’t it one of a great idea. Most of the travelers find it effective, so there is no risk going after the same.

Rijks Wine Estate

Rijks Wine Estate And Hotel

Right Next to the lake, Rijks Wine Estate lets you detox all the tensions and feel relaxed. The handmade old wine and beautiful rooms to stay in this town will give you a true feeling. People who want to find themselves can try out visiting this place. You will feel stunned by the beauty for sure.

Due to this, you can head toward this place. Even if you can find other accommodation like stay and table reservation that you can do by visiting their official website, needless to mention, this place is quite and help you find the true self alongside the family trip for great joy.

Earthquake Museum

Earthquake Museum

For educational purposes and learning the history of Tulbagh during the earthquake time, you can head toward the Earthquake Museum. You can find the History of the Rhenish Mission at Tulbagh that will let you explore more and enjoy it. All the things which were saved are here in this museum.

The unique history of Tulbagh is still alive in the museum of Tulbagh. It is all about the 1969 earthquake, and it was one of the strong earthquakes in history. You can check out the opening hours of the museum and book your passes online for a visit. There are few photos online about the same to check out.

Horse Trails

Keeping all the basic things aside that everyone does in a foreign country, Horse Trails equips into the perfect plan and making memories. You can find three big names for the horse trails in the town of Tulbagh. While visiting this town, you can check out all the basic detail on the official website.

From learning horse riding to exploring the mountains or valleys, this is one of the best methods. For great outing and spending impressive family time, you can choose a guide and visit this horse trail to try out some of the fun things to do. You can even find scenic outrides around and inside the 271h working fruit farms.

Twee Jonge Gezellen

Twee Jonge Gezellen

Scenery stuff is pretty good in this town, and you can find out Twee Jonge Gezellen as a beautiful place to try out. We believe that each vintage bottle of wine has its own story. To explore different vintage wines, Twee Jonge Gezellen is a beautiful place. Yes, you can find many things to do at this place.

During the visit, you will find beautiful things like peaceful farms, normal temperatures, beautiful wine stores. There are places where you can get the real vintage wine bottles and one more thing to add; you can find it at a slightly lower price from outside the country. This will give a great feeling to first-time visitors and wine lovers.

Travel Tips

Traveling in the city of Tulbagh is fun this, but taking some tips from locals can help in various manners despite you feel awkward to ask from residentials. Don’t worry because we got you covered, here are some important travel tips –

  • Don’t Worry About Language – Most people have the fear that they can be stuck in Africa because they can’t speak Swahili, then don’t worry. English is also an official language and you can find every second person who can understand English.
  • Be Friendly – Despite what the movies show about Africa, people in Tulbagh are quite friendly, and they can make you feel calm. You just need to stay a bit careful because you can meet fraudsters also just like any other country.
  • Eating Healthy – Trying street food isn’t a bad thing, but you should avoid doing it in access. The street food stalls can provide a top-notch taste that is very delicious, but if you want to stay healthy, then try some clean places.
  • Keep Medicine – Pharmacies are everywhere in Tulbagh, but you can pack some painkillers, anti-biotics, anti-malaria medication, and few more as per your need. These are some medicines to have.
  • Stay Safe – To keep yourself safe during this travel trip, you need a guide. Don’t worry about robbers and thieves in Tulbagh because there are negligible incidents, but you must stay moist and keep drinking water for the health purpose.

These are some basic tips that you must follow while traveling in Tulbagh. As Africa is a hot country, but you can find that the temperature is quite normal during vacation time, and you don’t have to worry about heat. Still, you should take moisturizers in the bag.

Travelling Options

Tulbagh is a fully developed city, and all modes of transportation are available for travelers. You can find trains, buses, and car rental options to try out.

The most effective option is to find a Tourism Bureau online and book your tickets to tour the city. In case you want to look at the alternative options, then there are car rental services.

From renting a normal car to luxury cars, you can find all types of options. Even you can rent sports cars also.

To rent them, you can find online websites and check out all the options they have. To rent a car, you need a couple of things. You need a driving license with three years of experience, passport detail to confirm the identity, and more.

While renting a car, you can compare the prices online and the rest of the options. This will help you get the perfect deal which suits your need the most.

There are affordable car rental services available online where you can compare the prices and find the most suitable option, which can fulfill all your needs. Isn’t it one of the best options to look after.

Where to Stay?

Tulbagh is a beautiful city, and there are plenty of hotels and resorts to spend your night. It doesn’t matter that if you are on a family trip or chilling out with friends, a beautiful place to stay can enhance the majority of the trip.

The below mentioned are some top-notch and most preferred places from the tourists –

  1. Tulbagh Boutique Heritage Hotel

All the travelers who want to get the vintage experience can look after this option. It is situated in the city and one of the best places to visit. Accommodation at this place is good enough to make you cherish the stay for sure.

  1. Rijks Wine Estate & Hotel

For the lovers of wine and peace, a stay at Rijks Wine Estate & Hotel is pleasant, and you can expect a true feeling. Even, it is next to a beautiful lake and great greenery so you can consider it.

  1. Reflections Guest Farm

A large-sized resort that is full of real beauty that you are going to cherish for sure is Reflections Guest Far. All the basic accommodation, along with some premium services, will give you the best experience of staying at this place.

  1. Vindoux Tree House Guest Farm & Spa

Despite all the choices, if you want a place in the town and you want a relaxing spa to treat the sore body from travel or horse riding, then you can consider Vindoux Tree House Guest Farm & Spa. It is a place with experienced staff to give you the best treatment.

These are the four most beautiful, and you can consider these as picturesque places to visit. It is said that “Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder,” so you can choose the desired place to stay. All these are of a different types, which means you can choose the desired one with ease and have a great time.

More About the City

Tulbagh is situated on the northern end of the fertile valley, which is also named Tulbagh. The majestic Mountains are surrounding this beautiful place. There are Obiqua Mountains and Towering Winterhoek along with Witzenberg on the eastern side of the valley.

With the 2077m above sea level, Great Winterhoek mountain seems very picturesquely snowcapped during the winter period. Even the diverse flora has abundant all over the valley along with the beautiful mountains. This never-ending beauty can calm you and make you feel better.

During the first trip, you have so many places to visit, but knowing the history of the city will make you cherish everything. Beauty never ends in such places where you have long valleys, mountains, and vintage history.


Planning a trip to Tulbagh means you have lots of things to explore. There is no need to waste time in the city when the mountains and valleys have enough to make you feel better.

Food is an important part to consider, and if you don’t eat non-veg, then there is less variety. So, try getting something ready to cook food in your bag so that you don’t feel strived.

Tulbagh has many tasty recipes and not trying food in this city is a mistake. You will find a different style of cooking tasty food that you are definitely going to love for sure.

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